Amplified Heat at the Zombie Uprising Party

This Saturday, Eye in the Sky Collective with Do512 and Frank are hosting a Zombie Uprising party featuring music that would suit any world-ending anarchic zombie apocalypse. This psych rock and costumes-encouraged extravaganza will be featuring out of towners, Stardeath and the White Dwarfs and Epic Ruins as well as Austin’s own Amplified Heat. The party will be sure to rock the gourmet hot dog place down to the ground.

If you haven’t heard of Amplified Heat yet, they’re a band of brothers that play a unique blend of psych rock and blues. The guitars are fuzzed out and the vocals are growling. Their recent album, the fourth released in their career, has received local acclaim from the Chronicle and was cited as expanding their sound. The brothers have fused the blues format into their psychedelia and really pumped up the variations in their grooves. Check out their lead single “Give It to Me” below to hear a sample off their latest.

Other goodies at the show will be a zombie makeup booth and DJ Ni o Perdido spinning between bands. Cost to get in is $10 for humans and $8 for zombies.