Show Review: Tacocat at Barracuda

Words by Dylan Garsee

Photos by Pavel Mezihorák

Tacocat Barracuda

Seattle favorites Tacocat graced Barracuda’s outside stage alongside tour mates Daddy Issues and local stars Tele Novella to much excitement to a sold out crowd. It was a night celebrating various flavors of nostalgia and joy and was a reminder that there still is an audience for fun silly rock n roll.

Tele Novella started the night off incredibly strong. I have somehow missed their live shows in the past but tonight I was converted. Their music is a Tarantino day dream with the grandeur of Foxygen and the calculated rage of early PJ Harvey. There is a very small number of Austin bands that feel fully formed and in control of their vision and Tele Novella is one of them. They’re undoubtedly within the ranks of BLXPLTN and Sailor Poon as the absolute best bands in Austin right now.

Tele Novella
I feel for Daddy Issues. Following such a charismatic and assured band is a Herculean task very few artists can pull off. Unfortunately Daddy Issues lacked a stage presence that could match their abrasive Liz Phair/Lush/Breeders sound. The song “Creepy Girl” was an incredible stand out and could go head to head with the best songs off Exile in Guyville but unfortunately the rest of the set left me underwhelmed.

Tacocat headlined the night with gusto, with all the members coming out in day-glow fantasy and such joyous energy. Cycling through classics such as “Hey Girl” and “Crimson Wave,” Tacocat had full control of the audience, who was singing along to to every word to every song. It’s difficult to make songs about bongs and waiting tables both fun and substantial but Tacocat is here to tell everyone to calm down, grab a beer, and just let the party take over.

For Pavel’s complete photo set from the night, click here.

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