The Latest Toughs Episode 4: Total Divas

It’s been a while since Ovrld has had a podcast, so Nick Hanover and Dylan Garsee decided to correct this by turning our singles column The Latest Toughs into a monthly podcast where those two discuss the most notable Austin music of the month with a special guest. The newest episode of the Latest Toughs features guest Kat Ramzinski, an incredible Austin stand up comic who we tricked into criticizing her friends’ bands. Only half joking there. As always, Nick selected ten of the top Austin tracks for Dylan and Kat to analyze, getting their off-the-cuff, unfiltered opinions. This month we were crunched for time, so we did not discuss a random mystery track from Ovrld’s overstuffed inbox, but we did cut out a big section of commentary after Kat realized she was friends with a member of Buhu, which is why she doesn’t have much to say there, because, hey, sort of conflict of interest. Whoops! Anyway, here’s what got discussed this month:

zettajoule “Be My Mango”
Bum Out “En Tres”
Lew Card “Paradise”
Explosions in the Sky “Disintegration Anxiety”
Rooney Pitchford “Familiar Places”
Pacboi Tank “Fast Life (ft. Dowrong)”
Love Hz “Minerals”
Buhu “Youth is Breaking”
MCG “Start Over”
Cherubs “Fist in the Air”