The Hot Conversation Episode 2: Sertified

The Hot Conversation Sertified Protextor Jro

Ovrld has teamed up with Austin Mic Exchange and the League DJs for a new podcast called The Hot Conversation. Co-hosted by Protextor and J-Ro, the purpose of this podcast is to shine a light on weird culture all around Austin, from poetry to fashion to comedy to music (we do, however, have a soft spot for Texas hip hop). JRo outta #LeagueDJs spins and breaks tracks from Texas musicians and in the meantime, he and Protextor sit down and chop it up over Lone Star Beers with a different guest each week. The result is a casual hang with real people doing cool shit in ATX. It’s not radio and it’s not an interview — it’s a hot conversation. This week, Austin superstar emcee Sertified popped by to talk about his tips for finding the best tacos, his sock preferences and the influence his mom has on his artistry.


The video Sertified just did with Krypol Haze is this one:

The Blues video Jro and Sertified mention is this one: