Stuck on Repeat Episode 3: Pleasure Venom

Ovrld presents Stuck on Repeat, a new podcast featuring in-depth interviews with our favorite local artists as well as live performances recorded at Invengo Productions. Each episode also includes a cover by our guests of one of their favorite songs by another Texas artist.

This time we are joined by the raucous Pleasure Venom, who recently released their debut EP Hunt and have been racking up buzz and acclaim in Austin with their unique, No Wave descended sound. They’re also playing Ovrld’s Other People’s Songs event at Beerland tonight, April 2nd, and so the cover they chose is “Anyway” by A Giant Dog, the band they will be performing as at the event. We spoke to them about their love of A Giant Dog as well as the fake origin story about their name and the continued rhythmic evolution of their sound.