Stuck On Repeat Episode 1: Protextor and Secret Levels

Ovrld presents Stuck on Repeat, a new podcast featuring in-depth interviews with our favorite local artists as well as live performances recorded at Invengo Productions. Each episode also includes a cover by our guests of one of their favorite songs by another Texas artist.

The guests of the debut episode are Protextor and Secret Levels, two Austin emcees who are co-hosting The Shift Sessions, a local show at Barracuda that pairs Austin hip hop acts with a live band, with the final show this Thursday, February 25th with Dat Boy Supa and Muggzy Flowz. The two spoke to us about the Austin hip hop scene as well as their current projects, and performed a freestyle for us, as well as a cover of Daniel Johnston’sI Am a Baby (In My Universe),” with a beat produced by HADES.