It is our pleasure here at OVRLD to share with the world our new podcast. In the future, we’re going to feature interviews with musicians from all over the city, among other features, but this podcast is a segment we’re calling “Robin and Carter Talk About Music.” Featuring regular contributor Carter and new contributor Robin, it is a Siskel & Ebert-style review in which they review a series of local artists both from Austin and other locations around the world in a thumbs-up/thumbs-down fashion. We’re excited to share these thoughts with you, and hope you enjoy!

The songs reviewed:
“You’re a Big Girl Now” – Royal Forest
“Raincloud” – Suzanna Choffel
“Wood and Water Rage” – Descendants of Erdrick
“Come Alive” – Ben Baxter Band
“Die kulturelle Revolution” – Felix Kubin
“Fruit” – Psychic Reality
“Ring the Alarm” – Quintron
“Two Matchsticks” – The Wooden Birds
“Mindkilla” – Gang Gang Dance

Listen To The Podcast Below


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