The Latest Toughs Podcast Episode 1: A Bowl of Oregano

It’s been a while since Ovrld has had a podcast, so Nick Hanover and Dylan Garsee decided to correct this by turning our singles column The Latest Toughs into a monthly podcast where those two discuss the most notable Austin music of the month with a special guest. This month’s guest is Hades the Unscene, who runs the label BlackMarketPluto and has produced tracks for artists like Adam ProtextorBateau and has a new side project that we’re pretty fond of called Suicide Notes. Nick selected ten of the top Austin tracks for Dylan and Hades to analyze, getting their off-the-cuff, unfiltered opinions. And then one random mystery track was selected from Ovrld’s overstuffed inbox. Here’s what got discussed this month:

Keeper- “Next to Me”
XETAS- “The Ashes”
Tiger Waves- “In Your Head”
Chamothy the Great- “MT4T (ft. PacBoi Tank)”
Sweet Spirit- “Baby When I Close My Eyes”
Clemits- “I’m Back”
John Wesley Coleman III- “Fallin’ Out of Love”
Shearwater- “Quiet Americans”
Sweet Talk- “Witness”
Botany- “Au Revoir (ft. Milo)”
Jimmy and the Revolvers- “The Morning Paper”

The Latest Toughs theme song is “Broken Hearted Man” by Yol Aularong from the Cambodian Rocks anthology.

Correction: Jay Dillick did not record the drums on XETAS’ “The Ashes.” XETAS’ drummer on the recording is Matt Buie.