Latest Toughs Episode 3: A Warehouse of Lip Gloss

It’s been a while since Ovrld has had a podcast, so Nick Hanover and Dylan Garsee decided to correct this by turning our singles column The Latest Toughs into a monthly podcast where those two discuss the most notable Austin music of the month with a special guest. This month, fellow Ovrld contributor and Pitchfork freelancer Kayleigh Hughes joined them all the way from Columbus, Ohio. As always, Nick selected ten of the top Austin tracks for Dylan and Kayleigh to analyze, getting their off-the-cuff, unfiltered opinions. And then one random mystery track was selected from Ovrld’s overstuffed inbox. Here’s what got discussed this month:

Stiletto Feels– “Steal Your Guitar
Malia Grace– “Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool
Party Plants– “Momma’s Little Helper
Total Unicorn– “Hanuman
Burgess Meredith– “Sydney Savant
Greg Loftus– “Cinder and Soot
Summer Salt– “Manastra
Sertified– “Fresco
Food Group– “You Are
KB the Boo Bonic– “BatSh!T!
Gallows Bound– “Sink in the Soil

Show Notes:

– Nick mentioned Slomo Drags as one of the better power pop bands in Austin. You can read his review of their EP here.

– The Australian-gone-Austin artist Kayleigh mentioned was Acey Monaro, who Nick reviewed here.