Carter and Robin Talk About Music Episode 12


Carter and Robin are back with a pretty eclectic array of veteran and new Austin acts as well as some notable out of towners. First up at 01:02 is Megafauna, a band that Ovrld has covered extensively, and here the main question Carter and Robin try to answer is whether this track lives up to Megafauna’s grittier past. At 06:22, the guys check out the relatively new Boyfrndz, who have an interesting approach to drums. La Snacks are next at 11:16, and while they have differing takes on what makes for good vocals, Carter and Robin finally find some common ground. Slomo Drags, a group that features a member of Ovrld faves Lowin, reached out to Carter for some honest feedback and they get it starting at 16:26. Equals goes under the knife at 22:50, and their vague name provokes a side discussion between Robin and Carter. Last but certainly not least for the Austin groups is Feral Future at 29:35, who are introduced by Carter through a Daily Texan article that states the band’s aim is to make their listeners uncomfortable, though that isn’t the case for either Robin or Carter.

Xiu Xiu is the first national act to get analyzed beginning at 34:43, and the band brings up a painful musical memory for Carter while Robin’s own history with pulsing synthesizers also comes into play. Robin’s also got history with Video, a Denton band that is discussed starting at 42:10, and prompts a lot of talk about whether phaser effects are ever good. Things go out with a bang at 49:32 as Robin presents Dead Rider and hopes Carter will enjoy them as much as he does.

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