Carter And Robin Talk About Music – Episode 7


Exactly four months to the day after our last podcast was posted, we bring you Episode 7 of Carter And Robin Talk About Music! Now with extended audio samples! Below is the list of songs featured – five from Austin, three from around the world – and there was only one that both Robin and Carter liked. Listen to find out!

The tracks reviewed:
Matthew Squires & the Learning Disorders – ‘(Not Quite) Cannon in D’
Shortwave Party – ‘Hopeless’
East Cameron Folkcore – ‘Salinger’s Dead’
Kat Edmonson – ‘Lucky’
Heartless Bastards – ‘Skin and Bone’
Mice Parade – ‘Candela’
Stuart Warwick – ‘Man With a Pussy’
The 1975 – ‘Sex’

Listen To The Podcast Below


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