Carter and Robin Talk About Music – Episode 3

Once again, here’s another episode of Carter and Robin Talk About Music – the podcast where Carter and Robin talk about music. For previous episodes, go here. Enjoy this hodgepodge of local and national artists – many of whom will be in our city during SXSW! We hope you enjoy!

The tracks reviewed:
The Zoltars – “Party at the Batcave”
Bill Baird – “Burn Burn Burn Burn”
Roxy Roca – “Ain’t Nothin’ Fancy (It’s Love)”
BK & Mr. E – “Sand”
Oh Look Out – “Analogatron”
Cimarron – “Cimarroneando”
The Boats – “The Ballad for Achievement”
King Dude – “Spiders in Her Hair”

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