C and R Talk About Music Ep. 2

We’re happy to present another episode of Carter and Robin Talk About Music (for the first one, please click here), wherein Carter and Robin, you know, talk about…music Siskel and Ebert style. It begins with a focus on local acts, and then moves on to some artists from around the rest of the world, because there are in fact people making music in locales other than Austin. We hope you enjoy!

The songs reviewed:
“Carpe Noctem” – Sphynx
“NW Thurman” – Whitman
“Someone Else’s Voice” – The Pons
“Anybody” – The Soldier Thread ft/ Zeale
“Best Friends” – Holy Wave
“StrataSpeak” – Torlesse Super Group
“Two Horns” – Trabajo
“Affirmed” – Nathan Salsburg

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