Stuck on Repeat Episode 4: Basketball Shorts

Ovrld presents Stuck on Repeat, a new podcast featuring in-depth interviews with our favorite local artists as well as live performances recorded at Invengo Productions. Each episode also includes a cover by our guests of one of their favorite songs by another Texas artist.

This week Ben Shorts of Basketball Shorts joined us for a rare acoustic performance to promote the album release party for the band’s new album Hot and Ready, coming this July from Austin Town Hall and Fleeting Youth Records. Ben talked to us about the band’s feud with Big Bill, performing lyrics written by actual children for Attendance Records, his new booking venture Flavor Sound and, of course, pizza. He also performed a cover of Texas poet laureate Red Steagall’s classic song “Lone Star Beer and Bob Wills’ Music,” adding in NOFX references to make it even more of a lyrical fit for Basketball Shorts. You can watch the video for “Hot and Ready” here, it was directed by Ovrld video contributors Jane Urban and Ryan Dight, who have a production company called Rinjin. And be sure to come out next Thursday, June 30th for the release party at Cheer Up Charlie’s!