This Is Austin, Not That Great

Crowd (not a band, just talking about the crowd)

by Jon Chamberlain

Back in 2012, Harris Greenwood of Glue put out a compilation tape called “This Is Austin, Not That Great,” an obvious nod to the hardcore comp, “This Is Boston, Not LA.” Now four years later, it’s a sold-out punk/hardcore festival put together by Juan Carlos of Strutter and Impalers. Three days of some of the best hardcore from all over the world, featuring many of the bands from the thriving Austin hardcore scene. On day One, I took a boot to the nose and it never let up.

Here are the photos…

Day 1 Winner: PatsyPatsy -Day 1Patsy -Day 1

MuerteMuerte -Day 1 Muerte -Day 1

Day 2 Winner: La MismaLa Misma - Day 2CrowdLa Misma - Day 2
CCTV CCTV - Day 2 CCTV - Day 2

Mystic Inane Mystic Inane - Day 2 Mystic Inane - Day 2

Day 3 Winner: GlueGlue - Day 3Glue - Day 3Glue - Day 3

ImpalersImpalers - Day 3 Impalers - Day 3

Institute Institute - Day 3 Institute - Day 3 Institute - Day 3

Jon Chamberlain is a photo-journalist working in Austin, TX and has been responsible for multiple zines including Rubberneck and currently also contributes to Casting Couch.