Photo Review: Royal Headache and Bad Sports at Red 7

Photos and text by Ashley Bradley

Royal Headache Poster


The crowd at this show was pretty rowdy. For Royal Headache, most of the audience knew every word (me included) and raised their hands in a “thanking the gods” kind of way while singing. That’s why when they were encored at the end of the show I couldn’t help but be appalled at what Shogun (the singer) did. He walked back on stage, picked up the mic and said if we wanted to hear one more song then we could come up to the stage and sing it our fucking selves. I mean, to be fair, the guy did warn at the top of their set that they were exhausted from their tour and this was probably going to be their worst show yet. But come on, man. We loved you, then you tell us we were lucky to even see you at all, and that you don’t know if you’ll be able to finish the tour? On one hand, what a dick — but on the other, that’s kind of punk rock. I’m torn. Other than that, the show was great. Semi-locals Bad Sports were also on this bill, along with Jonly Bonly, who I regretfully missed.


Bad Sports


Bad Sports

Bad Sports

Bad Sports

Bad Sports


Royal Headache