Free Week In Review: Ringo Deathstarr, The Boxing Lesson, Purple, Nation States

Ringo Deathstarr-27

On Saturday, we co-sponsored a show at The Belmont in celebration of Free Week, and Josh Kamnetz was there to catch all of the energy in crisp black and white photography. Thanks to Frenchie Smith Records for sharing the night with us, and we hope you enjoy these photos! Hopefully they convey just how awesome all of these bands were.

Nation States

Nation States 1

Nation States 2

Nation States 4

Nation States 5


Purple 1

Purple 2

Purple 3

Purple 4

Purple 5

Purple 6

Purple 7

Purple 8

Purple 9

Purple 10

Purple 11

Purple 12

Purple 13

The Boxing Lesson

Boxing Lesson 3

Boxing Lesson 1

Boxing Lesson 4

Boxing Lesson 5

Boxing Lesson 7

Boxing Lesson 8

Boxing Lesson 9

Boxing Lesson 10

Boxing Lesson 11

Boxing Lesson 12

Boxing Lesson 13

Ringo Deathstarr

Ringo Deathstarr-23

Ringo Deathstarr-37

Ringo Deathstarr-35

Ringo Deathstarr-39

Ringo Deathstarr-40

Ringo Deathstarr-41

Ringo Deathstarr-42

Ringo Deathstarr-43

Ringo Deathstarr-44

Ringo Deathstarr-45

-Josh Kamnetz and the Ovrld Crew