Photo Review: Free Week Tuesday at Empire

Photos by Casey Holder

It was cold as hell on Tuesday, but Free Week doesn’t stop for anything. The two-stage show included Jessica Knight of Looming, who kicked off the marathon line-up with her first-ever solo performance. After her, Dead Sally broke some strings with their melodic punk-rock inside, and then Ladyfang swooned some hearts back outside. Fort Never then stopped the show with their hypnotic percussion, haunting vocals and sweet electronic sound, and audiences who hadn’t seen them before had to pick their jaws up off the floor. Back outside, Tyler Jordan & the Negative Space then warmed our guts with some whisky-soaked folk rock and politely asked some spirited (and buzzed) audience members to pipe it down. Magic Rockers of Texas and Planet Manhood then played respectively, having great audience members who were singing the lyrics. And finally, Go Fever wrapped the night with some surf rock influences. It was a very packed night with a lot of great performances.

Jessica Knight

Dead Sally


Fort Never

Tyler Jordan & The Negative Space

Magic Rockers of Texas

Planet Manhood

Go Fever