Photo Review: Halloween Show at Whip In

Words and photos by Ashley Bradley


Last Friday, we threw a Halloween party, complete with four amazingly eerie bands. Giant Kitty killed it, including a cover of Bikini Kill’s Rebel Girl in their set, right before having to drive right back to Houston (thanks for coming, y’all!). Hardcore Sex came dressed as the love-birds in True Romance and boy did they slay everyone in the building. We noticed another photographer shooting the couple was chain-smoking cigarettes like he had been continuously satisfied and needed to take the edge off. Oh man, and then Machete Western’s set came, as always, with an on-stage costume change, which led us all to see patchy butt-hair and strange angles of taint. There was even a dick-fire.  A special thanks to Mr. Lewis and The Funeral 5 who had to cut their set short. Believe it or not, a neighbor of the Whip In came in, IN HIS ROBE, to tell the venue that it was too loud and he was trying to sleep. We don’t know if he was dressed up as Mr. Wilson, or really just a walking buzz-kill, but either way we had to shut the party down. It was a great night, as I hope you can tell by these photos!

Giant Kitty

giant-kitty giant-kitty-2 giant-kitty-3 giant-kitty-4 giant-kitty-5

Hardcore Sex

hardcore-sex hardcore-sex-2 hardcore-sex-3 hardcore-sex-4 hardcore-sex-5 hardcore-sex-6

Machete Westernmachete-western machete-western-2 machete-western-3 machete-western-4 machete-western-5 machete-western-6 machete-western-7 machete-western-8

Mr. Lewis and the Funeral 5

mr-lewis mr-lewis-2 mr-lewis-3 mr-lewis-4 mr-lewis-5 mr-lewis-6