Photo Review: MJ Haha’s Charity Ball with Big Bill, Pollen RX and More

Photography by Adrian Gandara

MJ Haha Stretch Panic Big Bill

Last weekend, Stretch Panic’s MJ Haha threw an ’80s themed house show for her birthday, with the goal of not just having a fluorescent blast but also raising money for three of her favorite charities: PFlag, Lilith Fund and Charity: Water. Of course we couldn’t resist taking part, so we had Adrian Gandara head out to photograph the party, which featured frequent Ovrld faves Big Bill, Pollen RX and Mean Jolene’s Jolie Cota Fink on the line-up. Take a look!

Jolie Cota Flink

Jolie Cota Fink

Pollen RX

Pollen RX

Big Bill

Big Bill Big Bill Big Bill Big Bill Big Bill Big Bill