Photo Review: AH-FUCC Day 6 at Mistress Mansion

Mistress Mansion Day 6

When we first heard it was at an apartment, we were a bit nervous to what we were getting into, but as it turns out, Mistress Mansion is the coolest house venue with tons of space for the bands and crowds, and even a cool back story to boot. We heard from one of the tenants that the reason for the name is because the owner of the complex specifically built the apartment for himself (no other unit looks like it), so that he would have a place to bring mistresses. We thank him for being a skeez, and also the current renters of the Mansion, because the last AH-FUCC show was great! In fact, the whole festival was a success. The thing we were most worried about was the cops being called, and that didn’t happen! We raised more than $200 for SAFE Austin, brought community together, and hopefully inspired more house shows in the future— and that’s all good by us.

Thank you so much to the bands. Thank you so much to the house hosts. Thank you so much if you came and donated and just generally took part in what we did. We have big plans for next year, and hope that more people will come take part. If you have any suggestions or questions – please reach out to us via the AH-FUCC page. If you didn’t get to come out, but you still want to donate to SAFE Austin, please do so here.

Photos and text by Ashley Bradley


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Lola Tried

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Secret Levels + Spirit Stuff

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