Photo Round-up: HAAM Benefit Shows at Cheer Up Charlie’s and the Palm Door

HAAM Benefit Day

Tuesday, September 23rd was the annual HAAM Benefit Day, which had a dizzying buffet of local music at a score of local venues to help the awesome Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. Because it would have been impossible to be at all of the excellent HAAM shows (seriously, check out that line-up), we were unfortunately forced to pick and choose, and so we sent the ever wonderful Carlos J. Matos out to the Palm Door to catch up with Ovrld BFFs Otis the Destroyer, the Sour Notes and Possessed by Paul James while new recruit Ashley Bradley enjoyed the festivities over at Cheer Up Charlie’s. Live vicariously through our photog duo below.


Palm Door Showcase

Photography by Carlos J. Matos

Otis the Destroyer

otis-the-destroyer-live-palm-door-austin-texas otis-the-destroyer-live-palm-door-austin-texas-2 otis-the-destroyer-live-palm-door-austin-texas-3 otis-the-destroyer-live-palm-door-austin-texas-4 otis-the-destroyer-live-palm-door-austin-texas-5

Possessed by Paul James

possessed-by-paul-james-live-palm-door-austin-texas possessed-by-paul-james-live-palm-door-austin-texas-2 possessed-by-paul-james-live-palm-door-austin-texas-3 possessed-by-paul-james-live-palm-door-austin-texas-4 possessed-by-paul-james-live-palm-door-austin-texas-5

The Sour Notes

the-sour-notes-live-palm-door-austin-texas the-sour-notes-live-palm-door-austin-texas-2 the-sour-notes-live-palm-door-austin-texas-3 the-sour-notes-live-palm-door-austin-texas-4 the-sour-notes-live-palm-door-austin-texas-5

Cheer Up Charlie’s

Photography by Ashley Bradley


HaamBenefit-1 HaamBenefit-2 HaamBenefit-3

Popper BurnsHaamBenefit-4 HaamBenefit-5 HaamBenefit-6 HaamBenefit-7 HaamBenefit-10 HaamBenefit-11 HaamBenefit-12HaamBenefit-13

Liz BurritoHaamBenefit-14 HaamBenefit-15 HaamBenefit-16

Critical DadHaamBenefit-17 HaamBenefit-18 HaamBenefit-19 HaamBenefit-20 HaamBenefit-21 HaamBenefit-22