Photo Review: fuvk at Swan Dive

by Nick Hanover

fuvk Swan Dive

For the past few years, we’ve been enthralled by enigmatic singer-songwriter fuvk, cheerfully watching as she’s grown to become one of the best singer-songwriters in the indie music world. And in that entire time, fuvk has resisted the social media and live performance grind that indie artists usually have to devote so much of their lives to in order to get noticed. Still, we’ve long been hoping for more opportunities to catch fuvk live, particularly since her latest album Time Series expanded her sound in remarkable ways with the addition of backing musicians. We got our wish early this year with the surprise announcement that fuvk would be performing at Swan Dive as part of Free Week, so of course we showed up, eager to catch the performance.

Though fuvk’s band has only played a few shows, they masterfully translated fuvk’s material for the stage, keeping things light and minimalist with the simple additions of electronic drums and keys to bolster fuvk’s acoustic strumming and breathtaking voice. What was perhaps most surprising about the set was how well fuvk’s live vocal matched her recordings, proving that she’s a naturally gifted performer who is only going to become more impressive as she performs and records more. There was no need for flourishes or fussy accoutrements, fuvk’s voice was arresting and potent all on its own. If you missed this show, you’ll want to be sure to catch fuvk this Saturday, January 12th at Cheer Up Charlie’s for the Lone Star Compilation release with Why Bonnie, Skirts and more, but in the meantime, here are our photos from the Free Week set…