Photo Review: Fat Tony, Secret Levels and More at Hotel Vegas

Photography by Nick Hanover

Fat Tony Hotel Vegas

Hotel Vegas threw a hot and humid party the other week, bringing together some of Austin’s best hip hop acts, including Retr0grade, DdotellesBen Buck and Secret Levels alongside Kansas City’s DJ Kid Twist and Houston favorite Fat Tony. In a welcome respite from typical Austin crowd behavior, the show was pretty damn active, with people breakdancing and bum rushing the stage. Things especially picked up once Fat Tony, decked out in a B L A C K I E shirt declaring “Fuck the False,” took the stage, imaking it abundantly clear even white people knew this was a good party. Lucky for you, Nick Hanover was there to catch every drop of sweat on film:

DJ Kid Twist



Secret Levels w/FaxD

Fat Tony

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