Photo Review: Chief and the Doomsday Device, Anthony Maintain and Coolzey at Spider House Ballroom

Photos by Josh Kamnetz

We weren’t just at Fun Fun Fun this weekend, we were also out at Spider House Ballroom, checking out some local hip hop acts that had gotten together to support touring outfits Coolzey and Moodie Black (the latter of which our photographer Josh Kamnetz unfortunately missed due to an early morning gig). Adam Protextor and his AMX team booked the show and put together a solid line-up that included veteran one man noise machine Chief and the Doomsday Device and abstract soundscapist Anthony Maintain as well as playful Los Angeles emcee Coolzey. And while Josh missed out on Moodie Black, next time they come through town, be sure to catch them, they’ve got one of the better live shows I’ve seen, complete with visuals that wouldn’t be out of place in the next ABCs of Death and banshee-like bursts of guitar and synth.


Spider House Ballroom

Anthony Maintain

Anthony Maintain 1 Anthony Maintain 2 Anthony Maintain 3

Chief and the Doomsday Device

Chief and Thedoomsdaydevice 1 Chief and Thedoomsdaydevice 2 Chief and Thedoomsdaydevice 3


Coolzey 1 Coolzey 2 Coolzey 3 Coolzey 4