Photo Review: Butch Queen at Mohawk

Photos and Text by Richard Hoang

Butch Queen

In a showdown of messy queens (sis I just saw your hole), cheap queens (did you just throw a packet of Lifestyles at me???), and manly queens (yasss meaty tuck fuck me up), one queen cut her way to the top in a lipsynch showdown for the crown. 

First time drag performer Analthesia topped the competition with her elaborate showmanship and lipsynch abilities to win the blood bath known as Butch Queen

The night was hosted by Austin’s very own witch icon Louisianna Purchase at Mohawk and showcased the talents of eight new drag queens that were mentored by seasoned drag queens. Analthesia and her drag mother Zane Zena won the prize of $1,000 and two passes to Sound On Sound Festival. The event was hosted by Margin Walker Presents, Sound on Sound Fest, and Mohawk Austin. But of course what you want to see are the pictures, so without further ado…


Anorexia Melody

Tah Dah

Iris Garcoh

Mrs. Dad

Sylvia Butcher

Hamburger Help-Her and Sable Scities

Estrella Cat

Louisianna Purchase

Dylan Reece

Butch Queen