Photo Review: Blastfamous USA at Swan Dive

Photography by Nick Hanover and Kayleigh Hughes

Blastfamous USA Swan Dive

Blastfamous USA are currently in the process of finishing up their second album (which you can read more about in our recent profile on the trio) but they took some time this month to do a residency at Swan Dive. The group has been known for their phenomenal live shows since they formed but this residency has shown that they have matured into the type of group that can literally pull people off the streets. While most of the people flocking to Swan Dive on any given night are typically just trying to bypass the Barbarella line, they were stopping in their tracks during Blastfamous’s set, which enlisted Phranchyze for some additional hype. Kayleigh Hughes and Nick Hanover were on hand to document the night, desperately trying to keep pace with the group while they leapt off walls, climbed the rafters and yelled out into the streets. Check it out for yourselves and then catch the final night of the residency tomorrow, April 28th: