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Critical Dad Bill Ball

Everyone who is anyone was at the First Annual Bill Ball on Friday. The event brought together the brightest beacons of weird in the Austin scene, as curated by Big Bill themselves, for the benefit of Austin Music People. We and Big Bill intended it as a kind of gonzo celebration of Red River in all its mutations, a homecoming for a scene that has witnessed the closure of some of its best hubs but continues to persevere and we couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. This was an event with no superstars, comprised solely of up-and-coming local talent, veteran weirdos and a whole lot of creativity and it managed to be a huge success. We are extremely grateful to Big Bill and all the acts that performed, but also to the Austin folk who didn’t blink an eye at a $10 cover and stuck around for 14(!!!) bands spread across two stages. Bill Ball will definitely be back next year and we hope to see even more of you there, but if you missed out, take a look at these photos by Ashley Bradley to glimpse what you missed. – Morgan Davis

Critical Dad

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Teenage Cavegirl

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Mean Jolene

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Party Plants

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Tres Oui

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Pollen RX

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Sailor Poon

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Popper Burns

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Daniel Francis Doyle and the Dreams

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Big Bill

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Bill of the Ball

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We Are Not Men

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