Photo Review: AH-FUCC 2017 at House of 1000 Chainsaws

Photos by Sarah Hoffman

Poster by Paige Berry

The last day of TuneCore and Ovrld’s AH-FUCC was an absolute blast, bringing together not just an amazing array of bands but also a brunch smorgasbord. On the musical front, things began with an acoustic songswap featuring James Steinle, Shad Blair and Mike Ethan Messick before we got into the party proper with Lexi Cardenas and the Bleached Roses, Lazy Susanne, The Stacks, Glassing, Belcurve, MeanGirls, Critical Dad and headliners BLXPLTN. New recruit Sarah Hoffman was on hand to document the event, take a look!

Songswap with James Steinle, Shad Blair and Mike Ethan Messick

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Lexi Cardenas and the Bleached Roses

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The Stacks

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Lazy Susanne

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Critical Dad

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House of 1000 Chainsaws Life