Zeale ATX Collaborations

Zeale is one of the most unique and charismatic rappers in Austin right now and he’s been mashing up and collaborating with the brightest acts in town. With each collaboration, Zeale brings his fiery energy and his lyrical skills and sheds a new light on our local favorites. In these mashups, Zeale is doing more than remixing the songs. He’s responding to the lyrics and taking the themes of the songs and expanding upon them. I wanted to share with you guys a few of the best local collaborations that Zeale has graced us with. Let us know in the comments which one(s) you’re digging.

The Soldier Thread Feat. Zeale - Anybody

The Soldier Thread have recently featured Zeale on this hot single which has seen some 101X airtime thanks to Toby featuring it as a staff pick. I can definitely see this song blowing up. Its catchy chorus, great vocals and Zeale’s rap verse have made me hit the repeat button quite a few times. And with lyrics like:
“Maybe you’ve forgotten how we came to be
Now I never feel like your priority
I don’t wanna put you back under the gun
If you don’t give a damn, just tell me. I won’t give a fuck,”
I could definitely see this song turning into a break up anthem.

Zeale - Haterz & Robotz (feat. Inne)

This track, from Zeale’s 2009 album of the same name, features Inne, from The Shears, who lends her vocal chops to the hook. In this song, Zeale deconstructs the trials and tribulations of making it in the music industry and shouts out his former rap battle partner Phranchyze. I’m loving the old school beat and the honesty in which Zeale shares his take on the industry. This song is from a couple years back but is still relevant and still sounds great today.

Zeale - Feed Z Lion

It’s apparent that The Black and White Years are one of Zeale’s favorite local bands. He’s played with them at a sold out Homegrown Live show, plugs them at his shows and honored them with this mashup. On “Feed Z Lion,” The Black and White Years’ “Up!” is cut up and layered with heavy beats that Zeale weaves his rhymes into.

I’m looking forward to Zeale’s next collaboration or mashup. For now, you guys should check out his latest mixtape, “The Mashup Smashup,” which features the songs of Ghostland Observatory, Ratatat, Grizzly Bear and more.