Exclusive Album Premiere: The Vapor Caves’ “Feel Yourself”

Photo by Angela Betancourt

It’s been a banner year for R&B duo The Vapor Caves, with a slew of adventurous and well-received singles and cheeky publicity stunts building up a steady level of hype for Yadira Brown and Andrew Thaggard’s project. All that hard work has been building up to their new full length Feel Yourself, a delicious banquet of dusty grooves, futuristic synths and Brown’s icy cool vocals. Featuring heavy hitters like G-funk twist “Hurry Up and Wait,” dagger sharp bro destroying anthem “Bitch to the Boys” and grinning excess ode “The Chase,” Feel Yourself lives up to its title with its embrace of all the glitter and pomp of the decadent nightlife. It’s the type of album you would have gladly subscribed to the Columbia House for and also gladly faced the wrath of those record men debt collectors for. So break out the bubbly, warm up the hi-fi and give it a listen, then be sure to deck yourself out in your finery for the release party tonight at Native Hostel for the inaugural Feel Yourself Awards.