Exclusive Track Premiere: Van Mary “Ennui”

Van Mary may hail from Austin but they sound like they’ve been dialed in from some secret desert station you’ve stumbled across on a California road trip. On “Ennui” in particular, the quartet of Emily Whetstone, Emily Ng, AJ Audain and Katelynn Garza bring together motorcycle rumble rhythms and a sandstorm haze of spectral guitar and parch throat vocals for the kind of serpentine vibe Russ Meyer would stage a go-go murder scene to. Producer Matt Parmenter perfectly balances the lo and hi fi ends of the spectrum here, too, so that there’s just the right amount of clarity and oomph to keep it from sounding less mysterious than garbled– that drum sound in particular sounds as big as a thunderclap. Check it out for yourself below and then head on down to Hotel Vegas tonight, December 17th, for the official release show, which may or may not feature a surprise appearance by the ghost of Tura Satana.