Exclusive Video Premiere: Vampyre “Cutting Teeth”

It’s Halloween, and what could be a better way to kick off the holiday than with the rambunctious boys of the aptly named Vampyre delivering on the “trick” end of things by kidnapping some sorry dude and taking over his home? Travis Jones’ video for the band’s song “Cutting Teeth” has the trio running down suburban street in cult robes, looking for trouble and mayhem that will suit the song’s chaotic assault. “Cutting Teeth” itself is a bass-led blitzkrieg, with howling vocals in your face at all times and drums that pummel your remaining senses, but Jones brings an almost Halloween meets The Lost Boys quality to the video, giving it some warm saturation and even throwing in some lazy couch surfing and an impromptu dance party. Check it out for yourself, then head down to Sahara Lounge tonight to catch Vampyre headlining a special Halloween show with Pleasure Venom, Oozer and more!