The Preservation’s Indie Pop

The Preservation are putting out some very infectious indie pop right now. Their music sounds like a less manic version of Vampire Weekend infused with the optimistic tones of Belle and Sebastian. What I am really digging about their sound are the excellent rhythmic piano chords, the somewhat lo-fi guitar work and the harmonized vocals. The grooving basslines and mellow drums aren’t too shabby either. Take for instance, “Outta Sight,” (which I have included below for your listening pleasure) the song wisps you away with its clean guitar and keyboard and swings you along with its brisk but not frantic pace. The charming lyrics and the flowing guitar solo put the icing on the cake of this positively delicious song.

The Preservation - Outta Sight

The Preservation currently have a couple handfuls of songs out right now and have built a solid set list around these. But they have not yet released a full length album. The full length has been recorded thanks to their successful Kickstarter campaign and should be on its way out soon. I am definitely anticipating the release of the album and can’t wait to see how they approach the extended format. Although their recent songs have been situated in the indie pop genre some of their previous songs were more folk-oriented. It will be interesting to see what influences make it to the LP.

You can catch The Preservation at the Continental Club next Friday 7/22 with White Ghost Shivers or at The Scoot Inn with Nic Armstrong Wednesday 7/27. After that, they’ll be gone on a west coast tour for months.