The Migrant

The Migrant is a unique folk pop group led by Bjarke Bendtsen who hails from Copenhagen but spends a lot of time in our great state. Because of this, the project actually consists of two separate live bands. One for Eurpoean touring based out of Copenhagen and another for North American touring hailing from Austin. Bjarke is the only constant between the two groups, acting as a veritable all-time quarterback. The Denmark crew consists of some of Bjarke’s best Danish friends and the Austin live band consists of some of the brightest starlets of the Austin music scene.

In the Austin live band is Alex, Kelsey and Carey from Wild Child, Anthony Erickson who is a big part of Eye in the Sky Collective and also Marcus Lawyer a local bassist. Both of the live bands create a lush soundtrack behind Bjarke’s acoustic guitar work and warm vocals. Although the main sonic elements on the latest album are Bjarke and his guitar, the majority of songs are built up by horns, violins and other typical folk instruments that add up to create a fuller sound and more explosive climaxes. On Amerika, Bjarke and company have successfully created folk pop that is epic and cinematic. Take a listen to “2811 California Street” to get a sample of the grandness of The Migrant’s sound.

I’m disappointed that I just missed The Migrant at their recent show at Frank, but am glad to hear that they’ll be playing next year’s SXSW. In the meantime, I will be consoling myself with their latest LP which is available for download here.