The Couch New Singles

Tonight at the Swan Dive, Gorgeous Hands are hosting a release party for their new 7″. For them, it’s a sign of rebirth. They have a new name, a more refined sound, and a swagger that wasn’t there before. But they are not the only band that will be celebrating a renaissance tonight at the Swan Dive. The Couch will also be playing, and they recently released a new single that suggests a new direction for their band, as well.

“Kaiser” b/w “Oh Libby” is the first recording released by the band with its new member, Sara Houser. In fact, she takes lead vocals on “Kaiser” – a huge departure from the group’s all-male trio aesthetic that appeared on Old and Touchin’ Blue. “Kaiser” starts off quite similarly to “I Turn My Camera On” by Spoon, establishing that nice mid-tempo groove, but as soon as Houser’s voice begins The Couch establish something quite different from their Austin forefathers. The closest comparison to Houser’s distinctive singing style is Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond. She’s got the same full, emotive alto that The Couch use to great effect on this track. Around the 3:15 mark, the band is unleashed and Taylor Wilkins rips the longest guitar solo of The Couch’s short career for the last minute of the song.

When “Oh Libby” rolls around, Wilkins takes back lead vocal duties as the rhythm section establishes a bouncy beat that almost demands dancing. It’s a song that would have been right at home on their debut back in December, and shows that with the expansion of their sound, The Couch are still based on distorted power-pop guitar riffs.

The Couch - 'Oh Libby'

Even though I worry when I hear that an already fully-formed band is incorporating a new member, this 7″ eases my mind when it comes to the Couch. They’re still coming up with great material, and Houser sounds like she’s fitting right in with the rest of the group. Catch them live tonight at 10pm at the Swan Dive with Dangeresque, Gorgeous Hands, and Fierce Bad Rabbit!

– Carter