Exclusive Track Premiere: Technicolor Hearts “Never Going Away”

Since Naomi Cherie left for a solo career in Portland last March, Technicolor Hearts have quietly been working on both a new line-up and new material. The group recently appeared on a Flaming Lips tribute compilation but until today, no one had heard what direction founding member Joseph Salazar was taking the band in with original material. We’re thrilled to change that by premiering “Never Going Away,” an aptly titled anthem for perseverance that finds the reconfigured Technicolor Hearts leaning towards a brighter, poppier sound, with Color Candy’s Merri Palmer taking on the lead vocal role while Salazar and Carter Greeves from The Guacamole Police build up an array of lush, vibrant instrumentation to support her. The result is a splendid return for a rightfully beloved group, but check it out for yourself below and keep an ear out for more material and shows from Technicolor Hearts over the next few months: