Exclusive Track Premiere: Sweet Teeth “Lucky Boys”

Sweet Teeth Lucky Boys

Mason Hankamer has a theory that our generation’s main personality trait is exhaustion. He took that theory out on the road with his friend Daniel Talton for their collaboration Sweet Teeth and worked to find some kind of salve for our tiresome woes. The result is “Lucky Boys,” a dream folk single that might not give you the kind of superpowers you’d need to not feel perpetually exhausted by the state of things but at least gives you some tranquility and hope to make the day go by just a bit easier no matter how bad it gets, reminding you that “only lucky boys get to feel a heart break.” Recalling the Norwegian indie folk sounds of Kings of Convenience and Sondre Lerche, “Lucky Boys” is a pleasantly breezy break from the darker tones that are en vogue with the Austin indie scene at the moment, with brushed drums, stand-up bass and even a horn interlude. You can check it out and download it below (or stream it on Spotify if that’s your preference) and keep an eye on their Facebook page for details on their upcoming debut album!