I’ve recently received a lot of great music in my inbox and am really excited to share with y’all some new tunes from bands around town. Today, I wanted to share with you guys a song from Stükenberg, led by the German-surnamed multi-instrumentalist, David Stükenberg. Be on the look out for other shared tunes in the coming weeks too.

Stükenberg is a poppy rock band that over the course of three albums has put out three different sounds. Starting with Mountain of Pieces in 2007, Stükenberg had a dark pop sound. In 2010, on The Silo Project, Stükenberg pursued a more folky sound and on their latest titled, Buy In EP (2011), they’ve brought lowdown piano chords and melodies to the fore.  Throughout their albums though, contemplative lyrics have been the constant. From discussion about impending cataclysm to the state of democracy, Stükenberg’s lyrics go deep into topics that venture outside of the realm of typical pop.

The Buy In EP is full of catchy tracks, but I was immediately drawn to the bar room sing-along quality of “To Whom It May Concern.” From the opening Rhodes-esque piano notes to the sustained organ chords, keyboard instruments are in the spotlight on this song but are punctuated by some delicious guitar riffs. Watch out for the chorus too.

Stükenberg - 'To Whom It May Concern'

Unfortunately, we missed seeing these guys during Free Week but not to fret, they have another show coming up in a couple weeks at the Cedar Street Courtyard (Feb 19.) Catch them then or scoop up their two latest albums here.