Exclusive Track Premiere: The Sour Notes “Kitty Got Your Tongue”

Sour Notes

The Sour Notes have been busy lately. Following last year’s long-awaited Darkest Sour LP, the band also released a covers collection titled This is Not Our Music and now a new 7-inch: Finest Sour. Featuring two new tracks, Finest Sour picks up right where Darkest Sour left off and we’re here to give you an exclusive first listen of the second of those tracks: “Kitty Got Your Tongue”

“Kitty Got Your Tongue” feels like a Sour Notes attempt at alt-country Americana and like the band’s other recent experimentations, it works surprisingly well. The song opens with a twangy, swaggering cowboy riff backed by a clean, classic rock rhythm and drums. The soaring strains of a synth organ join the fray soon after, lofting the overture to new heights before backing away during the verse.

The song culminates in a psych-tinged outro that blends the classic Notes’ sound with “Kitty Got Your Tongue”‘s country blues. The end result is a song that’s a fair bit darker and moodier than what we’re used to from The Sour Notes, but given their musical dalliances of late, still feels like home.

The Sour Notes will be releasing Finest Sour next Wednesday, May 30th when they play at this month’s Wine Down at 3Ten ACL Live.