Sister City Dispatch #2: Blazers, Basketball Love and the Sounds of My City

I’m sure a lot of people in Austin are still celebrating the Mavs recent Championship win. Congratulations, Mavs fans. But while the fact that the Blazers lost to the eventual champs is comforting to those of us in Portlandia, we all can’t help but fall back on an age-old belief: the Blazers might not be winning any championships, but Portland is the most fervent, dedicated basketball city in the nation. We love our Blazers and we love the sport. Yes, the Trail Blazers organization has made some EPIC mistakes (not picking Jordan, taking Greg Oden), but our love for the game inflects seemingly everything, including indie music. Point Juncture, WA are a folksy pop band making a lot of noise here in the Northwest, and their latest video for the song “Economics of Basketball” showcases not only their alluring sound, but also PDX’s basketball fanaticism. Check out the video below to see what I am talking about:

Now, I also want to leave you with a taste of some of the hip hop currently coming out of the Rose City. Luck-One is a PNW rapper oozing with talent that has always remained wholly committed to his music, even when it meant foregoing paying his rent and moving into his car last summer. His latest song and video “Sounds of My City” shows Portland the way he has seen it in recent months, while also highlighting his smooth flow and fly flannel. Hell yes.

– Brittany