Exclusive EP Premiere: Sasha & the Valentines “Green”

We’re swiftly heading towards the kind of Austin weather that makes you toss a buffet of allergy and headache meds into your beach towel, hoping to stave off that feverish brain swelling that comes from being surrounded by horny trees and perpetually pregnant clouds. In name and sound, Sasha & the Valentines’ new EP Green seems designed for that weather: blurry surf guitars and happily swollen bass and drums stroll alongside blissed out vocals that simultaneously run towards and recoil from the light of day, forever paranoid rain will intrude on an otherwise dreamy day.

The itinerary is as follows: “Flower,” with its herky jerky rhythm and twinkling promise, is you trying to work up the energy to head out into the sun; “Like It Is” is the blissful soundtrack for your drive down to the Green Belt, containing just enough mystery to make you fantasize about locking eyes with some secret someone once you’re there; “Sucker” is the combo organ driven garage pop twist playing on the patio you head to to cool off and drink away the hurt of that new sun burn; and finally “Green” is for the end of the night, as you settle in at home with AC and wine. Taken all together Green is an intoxicating treat that should keep you refreshed until the fall comes, as you can hear for yourself at our stream of it below. And once you’ve soaked it all in, head down to Cheer Up Charlie’s tomorrow, May 28th, for the official release show!