Salesman’s Psychedelic Desert Rock

Salesman are self-proclaimed desert rockers who sound like a frenetic mixup of Sparklehorse and Grandaddy. The five piece, who have been playing in Austin for the past few years, are melding the genres of psychedelia, alt country and roots rock. Growling bass, howling vocals and wailing guitar are the main sonic elements of their EP “Red Jug Wine Lover” b/w “So Much Faster”. But with their full length, titled Gatherer, which was released earlier this year, the band pursued a more stripped-down instrumentation by grabbing their acoustic guitars and tambourines over their electric guitars and distortion pedals. To hear the difference between the instrumentations check out the EP version and the LP version of “Red Jug Wine Lover” below.

Salesman - Red Jug Wine Lover (EP Version - Amped Up)

Salesman - Red Jug Wine Lover (LP Version - Acoustic)

Both versions definitely stand on their own as distinct. The EP version is more aggressive and layered while the LP version better displays Devin James Fry’s (the singer’s) strong emotive vocals and intricate guitar work. Personally, I slightly prefer the amped up version primarily because the pace is driven by the drums and bass and also because the wailing guitar licks scream when they’re amplified and distorted. Let us know which version you guys prefer and why in the comments.
You can grab both of Salesman’s official releases at their bandcamp page. For a great video of their single “Skull,” go here.

– Dan