Exclusive Track Premiere: River Jones “Fortunes and Violence” and “I Am the Ghost”

River Jones is the type of musician who can’t help pushing himself constantly, both in his production and collaboration with other artists and in his solo material. And Jones’ newest material is no different, nodding to Jones’ past while unveiling some promising, fresh sounds. On the new track “Fortunes and Violence,” one of two tracks we’re thrilled to be premiering today, Jones pairs his Elliott Smith-like sweet and airy voice with a coarse, rambunctious backing that wouldn’t be out of place on a Sebadoh album. Its sibling track “I Am the Ghost” is similarly raucous but the sound is closer to UK shoegaze than American indie, with percussive acoustic guitar and bright lead guitar lines breaking out of the dense walls of distortion. You can check out both of River Jones’ new singles below and keep an eye out for his upcoming album Garagemahal, due out later this year!