Remixes Remixes Remixes!

I’ve been a huge fan of remixes, covers and mashups ever since Tom Jones and Art of Noise rocked Prince’s “Kiss.” Since then, I’ve been seeking out rarities, extended versions and remix albums like they’re going out of style, which, to my chagrin, some say is actually happening. Luckily, some of my favorite local bands and remixers are keeping the tradition alive. I’ve gone back through my playlists and collected some of my favorite remixes for your guys’ listening pleasure. Check them out below and send us some of your favorite remixes, covers, re-imaginings or mashups if you think i’ve missed a good one.

Black Joe Lewis

First up is an inspired mashup of Black Joe Lewis, Yelawolf and Bun B by Derek ‘DJA’ Allen who you may know from his work in Mad Decent and with Lil Wayne, Wale, Major Lazer and others. DJA actually made a whole mixtape of Black Joe Lewis mashups filled with hip hop beats and verses from a slew of southern rappers. The layering of rap verses over the soulful rhythm and horn section on the back half of this track is an awesome juxtaposition.

Black Joe Lewis vs. DJA - 'Booty City (featuring Yelawolf & Bun B)'

Love Inks

Remixers have really taken to the Love Inks debut LP. Maybe it’s the stripped down instrumentation and the repetitive beats that have inspired them to launch their sequencers or maybe it’s Sherry LeBlanc’s pristine vocals that sound good layered over most anything. I’ve heard some exceptional remixes of Love Inks but DJs/mixers The DosLokos have created one of my faves. Check out the white noise percussion, synth leads and layered vox on this classy house re-envisioning of “Leather Glove.”

Love Inks - 'Leather Glove - The DosLokos Remix'

Black Books

This recently released remix of the latest Black Books single was created by a friend of the band and really highlights Black Books’ vocals by cranking up the echo and the reverb. A trip hop beat keeps the track pumping and maintains the expansiveness of Black Books’ sound.


Sphynx’s “Swagger Remix” is a re-imagined version of the similarly titled song off of their debut, Human Beast. This mix pumps up the electro-percussion and synth melodies while chopping up the vocals. This track was released with a handful of other remixes on their Sha Dynasty MixTape released through Trapper Creeper Tapes. Enjoy.

Sphynx - 'Swagger Remix'

Bright Light Social Hour

The Bright Light Social Hour’s drummer, Jo Mirasole, took the already funky “Back and Forth” and pumped up the danceability on this grooving remix. I’m digging the awesome vocal effects and the Classixx-esque synth effects.


– Daniel