Exclusive Track Premiere: Psychic Scar “Summer Despot”

Between its washed out, time adrift cover art and the “OMD forcing XTC to make eerie electropop” sound, you’d be forgiven for thinking Psychic Scar are a newly rediscovered artifact from the early ’80s British synth scene. But, no, they’re a brand new Austin super collective, featuring a rotating roster of talent. On “Summer Despot,” which we’re thrilled to premiere, that comes in the form of Nathaniel Cardaci (Très Oui, Literature), Steven Garcia (Très Oui, Mean Jolene) and Big Bill’s Eric Braden, whose First Humans Records is also releasing the single. Though the murky production and spectral guitar lines initially indicate “Summer Despot” will be all darkness and no light, the chorus subtly transforms into a hummable and addictive hook that ensures you’ll have a hard time moving on to the next track on the Songs for an Imaginary ’80s Horror Film playlist you should immediately add this to. But don’t take our words for it, check it out below and keep your eyes peeled for more Psychic Scar!