Single Premiere: Poly Action “Defeated Red Bells” & “Danny Devito (Wanna Belong)”

While recording the excellent Baby’s First Rock N’ RollPoly Action ended up with  more tracks than they knew what to do with. But since they’re such swell guys, they’ve decided to gift two of these extras to you to celebrate their inaugural tour kick off this Wednesday, April 4th at Hotel Vegas and we’re delighted to help them facilitate this post-Easter gift giving. The single nicely frames both sides of Poly Action’s musical personality, with lead off track “Defeated Red Bells” being a psych-tinged western ballad while B-side “Danny Devito (Wanna Belong)” is a punky tribute to everyone’s favorite Hollywood weirdo. Give them a listen for yourself below and be sure to stop by Hotel Vegas to wish the boys off on Baby’s First Rock N’ Roll Tour!