Exclusive Track Premiere: Otis Wilkins “Karma is a Big Killer”

Taylor Wilkins may be best known for the buzzsaw riffs and high energy of his main group Otis the Destroyer but with his new project Otis Wilkins, borne out of his journey to France as part of the ATX6 project, the singer-guitarist shows off a softer side. “Karma is a Big Killer,” the first single from Wilkins’ upcoming EP Strangest Place, sits comfortably alongside the work of acts like The Band and My Morning Jacket, its plaintive guitars and organ accompanying a laid back beat and Wilkins’ yearning vocals. Wilkins has long been one of Austin’s strongest vocalists but in this project, he displays an unexpectedly deep emotional range, each line communicating profound hurt, sorrow, longing. It’s a major step forward for the songwriter and one we’re eager to hear more of. But give it a listen for yourself and look out for Strangest Place, due out on August 24th with a release party at Stubb’s with Little Mazarn and Blood Pumps: