Exclusive Track Premiere: Otis the Destroyer “Sour Tsunami”

For years now, Otis the Destroyer have reigned as Austin’s preeminent fuzz rock titans, but on their new single “Sour Tsunami” the band somehow manage to raise that bar even higher. With Clellan Hyatt’s mammoth drums, sounding like they came straight from a Steve Albini production, to Andrew Dalton’s seismic bass, “Sour Tsunami” definitely lives up to the latter half of its name. The sour end of the equation comes from Taylor Wilkins’ and Anthony Rucci’s sharp guitarwork as they cut through all that other sonic thickness to raise the hairs on the back of your neck before dive bombing your ears on the chorus. It makes for an excellent pairing with Wilkins’ off-kilter vocals, where he sounds like someone muttering to themselves right before an epic freakout. Check it out for yourself below and then be sure to pick up the full Cool Evil EP when it drops on April 12th and don’t miss the band live on March 6th at Cheer Up Charlie’s for the Cosmic Clash Birthday Bash!