oh look out!

Panda Bear just released the follow-up to his seminal 2007 album, Person Pitch. That album and the new Tomboy have helped create a whole new subgenre of “bedroom” music. One person can easily create songs or soundscapes alone in their bedroom with readily available new technology. Many bedroom artists are Panda Bear imitators, using tape loops and drones. oh look out is not one of those bedroom artists.

oh look out - analogatron

Instead, oh look out – or JP Pfertner – uses his bedroom set-up to create catchy pop songs. He has propulsive percussion, guitars winding their way around countermelodies, choruses of JPs creating singalong moment after singalong moment. oh look out started as a side project while JP’s other band, Built by Snow, took some time off, but as the reception to his pop sweetness warms he has been focusing more on it.

If you like “Analogatron,” check out JP’s website for the rest of what he’s been releasing this year. A video is on the way for “This is Heavy” and he says he has more songs in the pipeline. We might see an album this year, but perhaps no live shows. So enjoy these recordings! We’ll of course keep you posted about any more oh look out-related news in the future.